Carlo Collodi

Carlo Collodi is the pen-name of Carlo Lorenzini (1826-90). Collodi is the name of the little village in Tuscany where his mother was born. He was born in Florence, the son of a cook and a servant.

Collodi started his writing career as a newspaperman: he wrote for other papers, and also started his own satirical paper Il Lampione but the government closed it down. Later he became a government official himself, working as a civil servant for the education department.

In the 1850s,
he began to have a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books published. Once, he translated some French fairy-tales so well that he was asked whether he would like to write some of his own. The result was his fist major success, Giannettino, which is a kind of educational fairy- tale.

In 1881, he sent his friend, who edited a newspaper in Rome, a short episode in the life of a wooden puppet, wondering whether the editor would be interested in publishing it in his children's section. The editor did, and the children loved it. The adventures of Pinocchio were serialized in the paper in 1881-2, and then published in 1883 with huge success. The first English-language version was just as successful on its publication in 1892.

Who was the author of Pinocchio?
When and where was he born?
Before publishing Pinocchio what did Carlo do?
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